Mold Testing

Great Lakes Environmental Testing can perform residential and commercial testing for mold which can include air spore trap sampling as well as targeted surface areas.  We provide the mold report from the lab as well as a protocol on how to remediate it. Great Lakes Environment Testing can also guide the remediation company to help with insurance issues.

Certified through the State of Michigan, we test for the presence and hazard of mold in buildings and structures. After inspection we will provide a report that comes with the lab results, location of hazards and action plan to remove the mold.

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Mold Testing | Lead Testing | Great Lakes Environmental Testing
Mold Testing | Lead Testing | Great Lakes Environmental Testing

Mold in Homes and Businesses

Mold in Homes

A home does not have to experience a serious flood to have mold. Improper ventilation, poor building design and other factors can be attributed to mold growth. Mold testing is done to help identify the presence of the fungus, identify the type of mold, and to detect the toxicity of it. If you are buying a new home or notice mold in your existing home, you may want to get it checked out. Great Lakes Environmental will not only collect samples but provide you with the information you need to get to take appropriate actions. 

Mold in Businesses

Sometimes, businesses can have issues with mold. Whether caused by damage from pipes, poorly vented storage areas or high humidity trapped indoors, you can trust Great Lakes Environmental to inspect your business and help you make the right decision to remedy it.

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Mold Testing | Lead Testing | Great Lakes Environmental Testing