Asbestos Testing

Great Lakes Environment Testing is your first choice for asbestos testing. We provide asbestos testing services for residential, commercial, and income properties. We provide superior results by using the best labs, equipment, and protocol to help you stay safe.

For all types of asbestos testing, there are many companies out there that will do the job. However, there is one company that is the best, and that is Great Lakes Environmental Testing. Certified By the State of Michigan you know that we are professionals.
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Mold Testing | Lead Testing | Great Lakes Environmental Testing

Asbestos in Homes and Businesses

Asbestos in Homes

If you think your home has asbestos material in it call Great Lakes Environmental Testing today. You don't need to worry about getting sick because of your exposure to asbestos. We provide the best asbestos testing in the industry. Our technicians have the knowledge, equipment, and tools needed to assess the situation and alert you of any risks. If you are in the market shopping for that old home with lots of character, you should have it inspected first. The material is hazardous to human health, and it is dangerous to people who are exposed to it.

Asbestos in Businesses

Asbestos was a popular material mostly in building roofing shingles, ceiling and floor tiles, paper products, and asbestos cement products. A lot of commercial buildings, especially in downtown areas, could have these original building materials in them. Our technicians use the highest quality equipment, as well as the latest technology and laboratories. Asbestos testing is an important step for you to take when you are planning on doing renovations, repairs, or cleaning projects.


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Mold Testing | Lead Testing | Great Lakes Environmental Testing